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days until 2018 Forms 1095-C must be distributed to employees (3/4/2019)*

Are you ready to meet this deadline? We can help!

* The IRS extended the deadline to distribute forms in Notice 2018-94
Filing with IRS due on February 28, 2019

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Using proprietary software we can prepare Forms 1095-C and 1094-C for a FIXED PRICE.

You can't afford NOT to retain our services:

  • Penalties for failure to furnish required forms to employees are $260 per form up to $3,193,000 per calendar year
  • Penalties for failure to file required returns with IRS are $260 per return up to $3,193,000 per calendar year
  • Penalties for failure to furnish and file required Affordable Care Act (ACA) information forms for just 5 full-time employees are more than the cost for us to prepare these forms for you*

Engagement letters must be executed and all data provided by January 14, 2019

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* Based upon cost for most single employers who are not part of an affiliated group.
Specific engagement fixed prices will vary.

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